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have been running for many years, with different approach. For years, I ran without participating in races. However, about 10 years ago I started to race and now, even with having combined more than 30 marathons, half marathons, and a few ultra marathons under my belt, I feel (and hope) that this is only a beginning!

I now want to share my love for running and experiences through the years with others not only on the field but throught the internet. I don’t consider myself an expert because I believe there is always more to learn, but I do know that I love and deeply believe in running, exercise, a healthy way of life. I believe in the power of healthy food, and in everything that brings us closer to who we really are- everything that helps you be who your meant to be, not just for ourselves, but for those around us.

This is the power of running. Running brings us closer to our body, spirit, and self in a way that does not provide a clear distinction. If you believe this sounds spiritual, you are right. It is. I want to tell you that if we choose to avoid looking at it this way, we are robbing our self of something that is of undeniable value.

We also deny our self the joy that comes when we accept the true meaning of our every conscious action, thought, and desire. This is not easy, and is sometimes harder than it should be. Conscious running is something that not too many can claim. For sure I am not one of them I only experience a few glimpses here and there, and this is what I want to share.

Because of these few and far between glimpses I know that conscious running can lead us, to the real medals, and PR’s, not just for one day, or year, but for as long as our souls and body needs it.

If we share these experiences, we can honestly stay aware of the reasons why we run the way we run and when we run. We can receive and share feedback that can guide us toward a true and healthy direction. It can also guide us to a truer understanding of our reason for running.

If we do not know why we run, something is wrong. If we think we know without really knowing, this may potentially be worse and more dangerous. I believe we constantly have to seek out personal understanding in order for growth. I still want to find out why I run and love running every day.

Every run and runner is unique. Additionally, every run is different from the one before and any after which makes each run special. Whether you are in the head or at the back of the pack, or it is your first or 50th race, your run is unique.

You should not compare yourself with anyone else, instead, both learn your body and from your body, and you will in turn learn yourself. Learn to understand what your body is telling you, as well as love what it tells you. No matter what, it always will speak to and guide you. In response, you will treat your body the way it deserves to be treated. You’ll find yourself offering it the things it really needs. Remember, this is your life and health.

Holistic physical, mental, and spiritual philosophy are my priority. For me, to run in a healthy way is not just for my body, but for my mind, whole life, and soul. This is what I attempt to achieve on each run.

If we let our egos get in the way we will never see anything clear or healthy. Instead, we will find ourselves running in circles and always with an empty rather than full feeling. Because of this, no amount of accomplishments or medals will ever be enough.

It is for this reason that I’ve created this magazine. It is not for the people who keep thinking about time, or about the amount of people running in front or behind them. It is for those who simply love to run; who focus beyond time, records, bragging rights, weight, and competitions.

Many aspects of our life barely make any sense; we don’t really know what is the “meaning” and why we do things the way we do. Running does not have to be one of them. It is our choice. It is our free blessing like all the true blessings.

Every time you make yourself run, you are making a statement not to yourself. A statement that says, in this moment, you control your body, as well as your health, and maybe one day, your life.

Again, this magazine is a personal and individual account of how I run and I realize that my approach is not for everyone. I created this for those who love, respect, and softly challenge their own boundaries. I also created it for those who thank God and appreciate the body that was given to them to experience these physical feats. Finally, it is for the those seeking wholeness in everything they do, including running.

Alex Anastasiadis
Author of Running tips magazine

15 Comments Add yours

    1. Bob says:

      info i am looking for! Great


    2. lionel says:

      new reader…in search of real info about running…not the competition style but more spiritual type!
      looks great here.


    3. TuncElono says:

      Big fan of running on the wall already!


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  1. Dubboclaill says:

    love the spiritual touch!


  2. Smithd178 says:

    Very nice! dbddkfaceb


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