How to begin running


In this article I give advise on how to begin running. This article is very simple but practical. have fun and get strated!

Be yourself

You do not need to be in any particular shape to start running If you think you are overweight or totally out of shape, do not worry. If you have never run before, or are returning after a break, regardless of length, it is ok. It is more than ok. We all have different bodies and lives and there is no golden rule that fits all of us. Remember that it is your body and you should not compare yourself with anyone else you see running. Running is for everyone.

With the decision to start exercising, you care starting anew. Don’t think of the past, or even of the future. Instead, stay focused in the present and your decision to bring yourself to better health and shape.Use all your discipline and self-determination to follow this commitment. You will find that beginning to run can be and is a wonderful experience.

Practice Discipline

It is common when starting off to use excuses like, ” it is too cold, “ or “it is too hot,” or even, “I will run tomorrow for longer’. Don’t fall into this practice. Instead, start with a routine that you are comfortable enough sticking with on a regular basis. Make sure to include a couple of days off, every week.

When you find yourself making up excuses, remind yourself why you choose to begin running. As many a beginner or seasoned runner will tell you, you will feel better after your run. Your brain will feel clearer, your body will feel more awake and your energy levels will increase. You will carry these feelings with you all day and they will impact every detail of your life.

This point above all is important to me. Running the right way, will make you better in everything you do beyond the moments and experiences you have while running. Running will bring you true health and mental balance as well as self-confidence and awareness that you can accomplish anything you attempt and that you will be rewarded.

Respect and Listen to Your Body

Now, the next point is equally important to your success. After using your iron-will to get yourself out for a run, start to listen, really listen to your body. It takes great skill to do this, but once you begin respecting and showing love to your body, you will notice changes.

Be sure to push yourself slowly at first. You want to look forward to running the next day and the day after. No matter what your level, you have to find a balance between challenging yourself and “killing” yourself. If you need to start with walking, then do so and gradually build up to a quick pace like that of speed walking. If you can start with running, then run. I often suggest alternating between running and walking at the beginning.

No matter what your level is, feel good about what you are doing. You are blessed because you can run and you are going in a healthier direction regardless of your speed.

Keep Moving

After creating and maintaing a base for a few weeks, you are ready to increase your routine, but make sure you do not increase by more than 10%. If you start with 20 minutes the first week, then increase to 22-23 minutes each day. If you start with 4 miles, then just add a little bit less then half-a-mile each day.

Eating Healthy and Resting

When you start running, you have to consider your rest cycles and the food you consume in a different manner then before. Sleep,is essential. You should Rest,stretch, and ice your legs,as often as you can. You should also increase your water intake. Water is vital to any runner.

Finally, don’t opt to eat more or less of what you used to eat, instead eat healthy. Eat healthy. Eat healthy. Eat healthy. I can not emphasize this enough. The proper food can affect your running the same way that drinking water can.

Help Yourself

There are many supplements on the market that are affordable and 100% healthy and natural. Look for products that not only will help you become a better runner, but will boost your health and make you feel stronger. I highly recommend that you stick with natural, scientifically proven, and, if possible, organic vitamins and supplements.


Step by step, you will begin to see a change in your form and shape in ways you may not have envisioned. It will leave you feeling awed and curious. Every step will bring you somewhere that you have never been before. Let this be your guide as you continue running. The best part is that you are not alone. Many others, including myself are with you seeing the changes and continuing making a healthy life style.

Start now. Now is always the right time. Now is the perfect moment. You can not fail. Failure does not exist in this moment or in the running world. You will not fail yourself.

Personal Advice

Like a said earlier, we all have different bodies and lives and there is no golden rule that fits us all, especially at the beginning. If you have any personal questions regarding your running, I will be more then happy to advise you personally. You can describe your running experience(s) to me and I will answer the best I can. I am certain that together we will read what your body needs to help you achieve a healthy and steady progress.

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