How to display your medals!

How to display your running medals & race bibs!
      At running on the wall we offer over 100 truly affordable designs to show off your running medals…  and we  also came out (two years ago)  with a genius idea to show off your race bibs as well! We are runners too…so we knew what we wanted.  We spent quite a while thinking how to display our running medals…
Running on the wall is the inventor of these fantastic wooden displays for medals and race bibs. All of it is made in the USA with eco-friendly product. They really are one of a kind. Intensely fashionable and so highly praise from the mode décor industry.
      Our products are high quality and our prices are just amazing! The best you can find in the market! For only 28$ a piece you can display your running medals or running race bibs. You can display over 27 medals in one display and tons of running race bibs can be hang on the bibs display. They also offer a 10% discount if you would like to get the matching set to display your running medals and race bibs as well.
      You were wondering on how to display your running medals? Here is just the perfect solution…affordable, quick and so stylish!  You just found it right here, why spending more time in finding how to display your medals by yourself. Don’t miss out one more minute of fun time hanging all those running medals and running bibs on your wall!
Enjoy our uniquely design running medals display and running race bibs display!
We made the how to just a bit easier for you…
How to display your running medals & bibs display
By Alex & Melianna  Anastasiadis
Founders & creators of

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