Nourish Your Body Right For The Next Marathon

Preparing For A Marathon

The physical conditioning to run in a marathon is not exclusively just about exercise routines and running. A healthy diet is a very crucial part of it as well. The nutrients that you’re feeding your body is indeed important for you to have the proper strength, endurance and vigor needed to conquer a marathon race.

Spring season opens a lot of marathon events and pretty sure if you’re reading this, you might be running in one of them soon. As part of your marathon training, here are some basic principles to remember on how to properly nourish your body:

  1. Eat Healthy

This is not rocket science. We’ve all heard the saying “ You are what you eat” and this principle is emphasized in marathon training, and in most sports training as well. Food should be viewed as fuel of your body. If you want to start having the right nutrients for your body, simply eat healthy. Be conscious of what you eat, avoid junk foods, take more lean meat, fruits, vegetables, seeds and oats and all those that are free of artificial preservatives. You will need food that can fuel your body with energy and power, not drag you with excessive fats and unwanted additives.

  1. Befriend carbs, especially its concentrated form

Carbohydrates are the most important nutrients that you will need in preparation for your marathon run and you will need to absorb it fast as you burn it. Most runners may find that taking energy bars and gels are not something that they should do or not used to. Being comfortable with takes time and definitely needs practice. Practice taking concentrated carbohydrate gels beforehand so your stomach will get used to it.

  1. Take enough fluids to keep you hydrated

Water intake is very crucial when it comes to training. It is one of the basic needs of any living things therefore we cannot stress enough the importance of being hydrated during training. Make sure that you take enough water based on what your body needs. You do not want to be dehydrated nor over-hydrated, both conditions are unhealthy for your body.

  1. Balance your food intake

Although carbs is the primary source of energy, this is not the only nutrient that your body needs. Remember that you will also need a good dose of protein and fats.  Protein helps you rebuild those muscle tissues while fats supplies the energy during the low-intensity runs. Make sure that you have them all in your diet. It is highly recommended that you find out your body mass count and the proper percentage of each nutrient intake through your dietician.

  1. Recover and repair

After each training session, you burn most of your stored energy and this may require you to recover by repairing your muscles from the previous workout. This doesn’t mean loading your body with huge amount of food but eating high protein, recovery shakes and carbohydrate snacks can help rebuild your body’s carbo stacks and replenish your body for the next day.

Gifts for Runners

Last but not the least, motivate yourself or other runners whom you know to be training for their next marathon. You may help boost a runner’s morale by giving them marathon themed gift items such running medals displays, mugs, stickers, wall decals and other running gifts to keep the running spirit going. Running off the wall is a Sedona manufacture of gifts for runners. Find out more about these marathon gift items here.

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