running is running

Running is running and the number one thing to do is to just go out their and enjoy the RUN!  YOU are the master.

At we are runner for more than 15 year if we have seen a little bit of everything!

Things are popping out all over the web regarding running! How to run, How to bread when running, THE running shoe, get ride of  knee issue…. Running gear of the year, running medals holder, trail running versus pavement running, running your first half or full marathon… running to loose weight,  gain muscle with cross training running… to run GIVE you energy… the list about running advice can be quite long!

While educating yourself about our favorite sport is very important. DO NOT FORGET THAT YOUR BODY IS YOUR BEST TEACHER. YOUR BODY KNOWS HOW TO RUN NATURALLY. listen to it’s sign, how do you feel after, before and during a run.

Running should make you feel good and a good run should make you feel good. If you push yourself enough to challenge yourself and grow your running capability but not to much to feel pain you are in the right patch. Your body should look forward for the next run. than in the “long run” of life you will enjoy being and athlete. You will achieve your life goal as a runner.

A good run  is fun and uplifting, positive and growth…..

Pain is not running. Endurance is running. Don’t beat your body up…in the long run of life you will loose as an athlete. Your body will create an aversion for running.

Sign up for small races and than grow your capacity…Rewards your achievements small or big! you deserve it!

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  1. admin says:

    Run from the heart, from the mind, and from the body!


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