Displaying Running Medals


Displaying Running Medals For Motivation

Internal motivation is a crucial component for a runner to keep on going. Find out how displaying your running medals can be a great source of internal motivation.

The mainstream popularity of marathons promoted different causes that may benefit charities.For others, it is simply a good way to lose weight and stay in shape. If you are one of those avid marathon runners who won in several marathon events, it is likely that you’ll have running medals that are kept somewhere in your drawer. Some marathon winners tend to keep away these mementos. However, do you know that running medals are meant to be displayed as a source of continuous motivation?

Marathon Medal Board in Purple with text 'the journey begins with a single step'
motivation medals display

Having external motivations such as coaches, support of family and friends as well as the cause of participating itself are very helpful. However, a great deal of pride and accomplishment is undeniably a vital component of internal motivation which athletes tap on to keep going. Running medals are generally a reminder or symbol of these achievements in the field of marathon. Marathon is a demanding and competitive sportsthough it focuses more on conquering yourself more than beating the other runners.

Most marathon first-timers may not be motivated to win a marathon race right away. However, once they achieved a certain level of recognition, having a running medal can be a good source of pride and may lead them to push themselves harder in order to gain more of these achievements. Most runners have combined external and internal motivation. Most likely, there will be more external motivation to keep one in running marathon races. However, the importance of internal motivation, such as having the sense of pride and accomplishment, is a core component for a runner to continue on regardless of the rigorous training and challenging nature of the sports.

Displaying your running medals do not necessarily mean you are bragging about your achievements, it is one way of visually triggering your internal motivation. Usually, when the running medals are kept locked away and ribbons are taken out, the symbols of pride and accomplishment remain hidden from the runner. Most marathon winnerswill usually hang them on medal display racks in order to remind themselves of their running achievements. These medals do not necessarily mean they were able to beat others but most importantly, they represent a certain moment wherein they were able to successfully achieve their goal – faster than everyone else in that marathon event.

Find Display Racks For Running Medals

There are variety of medal display racks available today. Most of them can be easily mounted on the wall and have encouraging sayings painted on them. They come in a variety of color and some can be customized depending on where you want to put them.  Runningonthewall.com is one of the best online shops wherein you can choose and purchase medal display racks for your running medals. They have several designs that are specifically made for women, men and other sports other than marathon. Check out their selection of running medals display racks now.

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