10 tips to ease your running



     Here is a simple compilation of 10 tips to really ease your running training. Use them! They are little running gifts! Running should be enjoyable if you want your cellular body to look forward to the next training run… If your body feels hurt by running, you won’t want to do it again.


1) There is an important difference between pushing yourself and hurting yourself. Know the difference!


2) Drink a lot of water one hour before the run.


3) Do not eat at least 2 hours before the run.


4) Do your stretching!!! Stretching is very important. (We will talk about why it is so important in a future article)


5) Run hills. Hills will build your body stronger, and then flat trails will feel easier.


6) Sometimes run for a longer time so that the regular run time becomes easier after that.


7) Breath deep from within your belly. You can also try breathing in twice and then out twice. Your muscles need oxygen to perform well.


8) Be conscious of your form while running. Your arm swing is supposed to help you. Straighten your body; make sure your body is flowing smoothly. Don’t waste energy in an incoherent form.


9) Run more on the plant of your feet than on the heel. Do not land on your heel first.


10) Keep thinking positively. Listen to what the voice in your head is saying… It really does influence your performance!


Most of all ENJOY the ride. Our sport is such a fantastic and uplifting sport! Feel great about it and feel good about doing it.






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30 Comments Add yours

  1. Rachel says:

    Ran a 5k with the family this weekend, great time!


  2. July says:

    My instinct is to heel-toe run, I have to make a conscious effort to land on the ball of my feet.


  3. Leslie Sarcinella says:

    Thanks.. this is really helping.


  4. Alyson says:

    Thanks for the tips! I am not a very experienced runner, and they will help me tremendously!


  5. Allyson Rideout says:

    Awesome information. I need to drink more water and work on my breathing.


  6. I ran for 50 mins today and then hated my self with some core work! I was training for a half marathon in Nashville but the government shutdown changed my plans of going home from Japan!


  7. Katie says:

    I need to focus more on breathing – I really feel it is my weakness when running. Wah. Thanks for the tips!


  8. Adrienne Berg says:

    I ran 7 miles this morning. 1 hour 8 mins!


  9. Mary Beth says:

    45 minutes!!!


  10. sheri miller says:

    No run in today 😦 great tips!!!


  11. Allison says:

    Great tips. Thanks!


  12. Jill says:

    I didn’t run today bc I just did the RW Half on Sunday. I think I’m going to take a whole week off running and recover a bit 🙂


  13. Great article! Ran 7.5 miles on Saturday!


  14. Crystal says:

    Thanks for the tips!!


  15. Jenna Burris says:

    no! I did not run today! I worked from 9am-9pm. I plan on running tomorrow. I like to run with my little guy to the park. play for a while. and then run back home. with a stroller of course. 🙂


  16. Andi says:

    I didn’t run today, it’s my day in the water. Tomorrow will be 3+ miles 🙂


  17. Ben J says:

    I ran for about 30 minutes.


  18. Stacey says:

    yup, 45 min.out and 45 back on the singletrack.


  19. Kimberly M. says:

    I ran for about 20 minutes. Trying to get back into it!


  20. Morgan says:

    All great tips!! Love the info! Been running over a year now and love it! Hills are SUPER important! My speed has definitely increased doing them 🙂


  21. Amber C. says:

    Awesome tips!


  22. Lisa Graham says:

    Great Tips. I’ve run 30 minutes this week. Hopefully more before its over!


  23. No running today as I’m tapering for a 5k tomorrow. Hoping to set a new personal record, but the last mile is all uphill. :-/


  24. Mason Winters says:

    Recovering from a back injury…no run today. I enjoy the tips, thanks for the great info.


  25. Great tips! I need to focus on stretching more! No running today because I ran a half marathon yesterday, and my knee is now bothering me :- Hope I can get this healed very soon!


  26. Cassie B says:

    I didnt. I have been struggling with my motivation so Ive been taking a break for a little bit. I hope to start up again soon.


  27. Kiera says:

    I did not run today. Still recovering from a half marathon this past weekend. Looking forward to easing back into it tomorrow or Wednesday


  28. Lisa Graham says:

    Another 30 minutes yesterday! These tips are a great reminder of what to do!


  29. Emily Donlon says:

    30 mins with my babies in the stroller!


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