…For soul mates only! Couple that runs together stays together…running couple are in it for the long run! in black. ( it comes with a little scratch…cut is still very pretty)

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 2.46.33 PM


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Question of the week are you and your partner running together? Or could you never convince here or him…but have friends that do?

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  1. Bobbie Werbe says:

    Goal for 2014: runner soul mate.


  2. Bobby Daniel says:

    Love this since both my wife and I are runners!


  3. Kim B says:

    My hubby doesn’t run as many miles as I do (but he’s faster :)) so we don’t always run together. Love it when we do, though!


  4. Alison says:

    We run together at times, but are at different skill levels so can’t do all our ins together.


  5. Mike De Pope says:

    I never ran till last August when my soul mate got me running. We run every race together. By the end of the year I will have run 19!


  6. Augusta says:

    My boyfriend and I love to run together – it’s been such a blessing having a partner in life and also in running. We’re currently training for a marathon – it’s a fun and healthy way to spend time together!


  7. Carlee says:

    Got my hubby running with me a few months back! He just did his first half marathon in September and we will do another one together in December! YAY!


  8. Lisa Jones says:

    My husband and I both run though we very rarely run together. We have a 4 year old so we usually take turns watching him so the other can run


  9. We started running shortly after our wedding. We literally went from Couch to Half Marathon in just a few months. This was less than a year ago. Now running is a big part of our lives and we blog about it too!


  10. teresa says:

    My husband and I run together! He got me into it – he has been running for 9 years! 4 Disney Marathons under his belt, 1 being the Goofy Challenge. This year he is doing the Dopey Challenge. I just ran my first 1/2 Marathon with him – the Epcot Wine & Dine – what a great run! Looking forward to my next in Dec!!


  11. Katie Hughes says:

    My husband started going to mud runs with me this year and he is going to run two 5k’s with me this week for my 30th birthday and Thanksgiving! I love having him as my running buddy! We push each other to be better. He really is my soul mate!


  12. Breanne Herrera says:

    The soul mates medal display is so cute and practical! My husband kind of hangs his medals on doorknobs/anywhere with a lip, and I recently got my very first piece of running “bling” so this would be perfect!


  13. Katrina Frank says:

    I love that my soul mate is also my husband and running partner!


  14. Julie Wood says:

    My husband and I run together several times a week. I love running with him! We’ve discovered that we have to make rules for what is taboo to talk about. One is money. 🙂


  15. Mandy says:

    He is just starting to run and loves it!


  16. Linda Kuil says:

    My husband planted the seed in me to contemplate running. We’ll be running yet another half-marathon together on Sunday and we NEED this rack for all of our bibs and medals!


  17. Mile Posts says:

    My husband runs too! We both just ran Marine Corps Marathon a couple of weeks ago – it was his first marathon back after having knee surgery 🙂


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