Listening To Your Body As You Run – 3 Signs To Know

Listening To Your Body As You Run – 3 Signs To Know

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As you go about doing your everyday runs, it’s vital that you learn how to tune into your body. By listening up and never ignoring messages it’s sending you, you can best avoid overuse injuries and overtraining.


Runners who run regardless – they push through pain, fatigue, or just low energy – are far more prone to dropping off the bandwagon due to a bad experience.


So what should you watch for? Let’s look for three signs to pay attention to as you run.


Constant Fatigue


First, if you find that you are feeling very fatigued, like your body seems to be moving in slow motion and this is not going away as you move into your run, this is a sign you are verging overtraining.


If every muscle group in the body is tired, your central nervous system is likely exhausted and the only way to get past this will be 2-3 days off entirely.


Rest up and you can prevent having to take a much longer time period off.


Sharp Pain


Next, sharp pain is another sign to not ignore. In some cases, you may be fortunate enough that the pain is so great you cannot run no matter how hard you try, which will save you from doing any further damage.


But when it’s more of a nagging stab each time you step – something that’s annoying, but can be worked through, this is where trouble can happen.


Don’t try and push through. Any time a pain is very sharp in nature, something is wrong and you should stop and assess what may be causing it.


Push through this pain and you’re likely to find that it only gets worse from there.


A Feeling Of Lightness


The last sign to watch for is a feeling of lightness about yourself. If you feel like you could run for hours and that your body is half the weight it normally is, push that day a little harder.


This is a good sign you are having an ‘on’ day. You’re fed. Your energy level is up. It’s the perfect time for added progress.


On these days, don’t be afraid to stay out there a little longer and keep going. Your body is letting you know it’s okay.


So keep these tips in mind as you go about your runs and you can be sure you are tuning into all the messages your body is sending you.  


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