Running And Brain Health: Points To Know

Running And Brain Health: Points To Know


Think running is going to best benefit your muscles and heart?  You might want to think again.


One very important connection that many people do not realize that is associated with running is brain health. Each time you hit the pavement, you will also be doing your brain a great favor as well.



Here’s how running will help to boost your brain health.


Running And Concentration


First, those who run can expect to see a bump in their ability to sustain good concentration levels.  As you go about your running, your brain will be strengthening blood vessels as well as nerve cells within the brain, all of which will help you perform better when doing mentally stimulating tasks.


Don’t be surprised if you see your school or work performance go up as you get started with your running program.


This can also help to ward off age-related decline in mental performance, so if you are getting older, running becomes more and more beneficial.


Running And Sleep


Next, regular running will also help you fall asleep faster and then sleep more deeply once you are asleep.


Sleep is imperative to optimal brain function, so this indirectly benefits you as well. Those who sleep soundly each night are going to have better memory recall than those who don’t.


If you lie awake restless, see how running will help change that.


Running And Brain Fuel


Finally, also note that by doing a regular running routine, you will also train your brain to store more glycogen (the storage form of glucose), which can also be beneficial when performing mentally draining tasks.


If you sometimes feel like you mentally ‘hit a wall’ – you just can’t stay focused any longer, your brain could be running low on fuel.


By having more fuel stored for use when doing demanding tasks, you can prevent premature mental fatigue.


So don’t think that those runs are just working your muscles, heart, and lungs. They are really doing so much more for you than any of that – which should inspire you to ensure that you do everything you can to keep up with your regular running schedule.


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