Frequently Ask Questions

What is a virtual race?
A virtual race is a race that can be ran at any location. You can walk, use the treadmill, run outside or participate in another race.  You can run your race at your pace wherever you like.


RUNNING ON THE WALL is an online running gear store that offer the best race swag on the market and is a virtual race company based in ARIZONA. We  host virtual runs to help raise money for charities and offer runners across the world an opportunity to run for some of the best BLING and running SWAG!

How does a virtual race work?

A virtual race can be done at any venue that you wish.  You can walk, jog, skip or run the distance of your choice. You can complete your race at the gym on a treadmill, a practice run in town, a stroll in the park, or another local racing event. RUNNING on the wall believes in the honor system so no proof is required for your race, but it would be awesome if you could upload pictures and tell us about your experience on our Facebook page. You can also enter the finalist award on the designated day of the race completing the designated distance of that specific race by officially posting a picture of your official time from any mile/pace digital gadget. All race participants will be emailed a race bib and will be mailed a finisher’s medal.

Why should I do a virtual race?

The short answer would be because they are cool. The more detailed top 5 reasons would include:

  1. The chance to add a really stylish medal to your collection.
  2. The opportunity to get a awesome race swag at a great price!
  3. Complete control over your schedule. Complete the race on your own time. No travel expenses, no hassle with parking and no long lines waiting at the potty.
  4. You can really motivate yourself to run further, faster and better.
  5. Virtual Race day are a great way to keep your running motivation high without all the hassle bustle that comes with traditional races.

Who can participate?

Everybody and anybody!  There is no age limit and there are no restrictions.  So run, jog, walk, crawl, run alone, run in a group, run with your pet, bike, hike,  it doesn’t matter. Just get out there and get moving!

When will I receive my MEDAL & RACE SWAG?

Your race packet will be mailed to you starting from the designated shipping day on from the registration race packet, It is indicate in the product description of that particular race. After that date is reach we ship all package s within 1 – 3 business days. You do not need to have received your swag to participate in the challenge award race day on Facebook, you just need to RUN IT!

I don’t live in the United States, can I still participate?

Absolutely!!! Sign up today.


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