Why A Long Run Is The Best Depression Cure

Why A Long Run Is The Best Depression Cure


If you are someone who is combating against depression, it’s time to get serious about your treatment methods. While if you are being prescribed medication from a doctor, I don’t recommend you disobey them and not take it, if you are someone who has just be feeling low and is thinking of going to see the doctor, why not try a more natural approach first?


Long distance running is one of the best ways to combat against depression.  Here’s why.


The Lower Intensity Clears Your Mind


First, because of the nature of the long-run, you’ll be better able to clear your mind and work through any thoughts you may be having.


If you were doing a tempo run or interval run for instance, you’ll find that since the intensity is so high, this will make it harder to lose focus on the fact of the run itself.


These runs require more mental attention, which is not what you want right now.


They’ll Give You A Self-Esteem Boost


Second, a good long run is a great way to boost your self-esteem. When you see yourself reaching longer and longer distances, you’ll start feeling excellent about your progress and all your body can do.


For someone who is suffering from depression, very often they feel as though they can’t do anything positive, so this gives you something to hold onto.


This can be very powerful for turning your mood around.


They’ll Put You Into An Energized State


Finally, long runs will help to energize your body. Those who are depressed often suffer from very low energy levels, so the long run will help combat this as well.


This may then help become more active in other areas of your life – areas you were neglecting due to feeling depressed.


So don’t be so quick to treat depression with medication. In some cases it will be necessary, but in many others, a more natural means of treatment is a much smarter move.

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