3 Tips To Make Your Runs More Enjoyable


3 Tips To Make Your Runs More Enjoyable

Want to start running but dreading the discomfort associated with it? For many people, running isn’t a fun activity. If you are new to running and aren’t in particularly good physical shape, it can be hard getting started.

You’ll be out of breath. You’ll be experiencing fatigue. You may even find yourself  counting down the minutes.

But, there are things that you can do to make your runs more enjoyable.  Even if you are a more advanced runner, you may not have a pure love of running. But, you know the benefits running has, and as such, you want to keep doing it.

Here are three tips to help make your runs more enjoyable.

Get A Buddy

First, consider getting a running buddy. Running with someone, for some people, can be the best way to make it more enjoyable. If you are social by nature, this tip will very likely help you stay committed to the running routine.

Change The Scenery

Next, also consider changing the scenery. Always go for a run on your usual path?  Break away and find a new path.

Explore different areas of your neighborhood and see what new sights are available.  Running outside will almost always be more interesting than running on a treadmill.

Make It A Game

Finally, consider making it a game. If you are doing interval training, rather than slaving away to the hands on the clock, try choosing random objects along your path (if running outside), and sprinting to them.  The once you hit them, slow down to a walk.

Choose another object and once you hit it, start your sprint again.

This not only makes it more fun, it adds variety into your intervals, which can help to boost your fitness level.

So don’t let running boredom get the best of you any longer. Try one of these techniques and you can easily overcome it.


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