On-the-Go Running Essentials for Fitness Moms

The only person more active than somebody who runs is a mother that runs. All the mothers out there work hard to drive, cook, teach, clean, work, and support their entire family, all while maintaining their passion for running. If you’re a mom on the run or you have one in your life, give her a gift that will keep her motivated and sprinting towards the finish line. She works very hard and has one of the toughest jobs in the world, so a fantastic gift from Running on the Wall would be the delight of her day (second only to her run).

running tank for moms

Everyone needs a great running shirt and at Running on the Wall, we have just that! Our “Run Mommy Run” tank top for women is lightweight, motivational, and comes in many different styles. The tank is 65% polyester and 35% viscose, so it stretches just enough without ruining the fitted shape. Choose from 11 different colored tanks and 10 different colors for the printing to get the exact design you’re looking for. And if a tank top is not your thing, we also have this design available in both woman’s and men’s t-shirts.

running mom car decal

Get this exciting car decal with the words “She Believed She Could So She Did” for the fit mom in your life. It comes in 13 different colors and can be applied to mirrors, windows, and many other places as well. This is one our most popular items because of its fun design, encouraging message, and easy application. Not to mention, it’s very affordably-priced!

medal hanger for moms

Another amazing option is our “Bad Ass Mother Runner” medal holder. Prominently display your medals and running bibs on this super fun and fashionable wooden wall hanger. It’s perfect for offices, bathrooms, bedrooms, or anywhere else you could show off your achievements. It offers quite a bit of customization as well, such as adding your name at the top, the size of the frame, and has 18 different colors to choose from! Give this as gift or purchase it for yourself, especially if you are one bad ass mother runner.

mom running bracelet

If you loved our car decal, check out this super stylish and functional sweat bracelet with the words “She Believed She Could So She Did”. This bracelet is fantastic for training and racing because it catches sweat and doesn’t get too hot. The bracelet is very lightweight, machine washable, and extremely low maintenance. And for being so easy to care for, it’s super trendy and comes in 10 different colors!

women's running visor

A great visor is a must-have running essential. Check out our awesome running visors for premium sweat protection with fun-loving designs. This visor not only shields you from the hot sun and its rays, but it also protects your eyes from sweat. Customize your visor with 11 different designs and choose from three different color combinations. Whether you want a distance printed on the bill or nothing at all, this hat will keep you motivated and sweat-free for your entire run.

If you’re mom yourself, it’s time to treat yourself! Check out all of our amazing running products at Running on the Wall. We have a huge selection of affordably priced materials to keep you running towards your goal and looking good while doing it. Contact us for any questions you have and we’ll see you at the finish line!

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