Halloween Run

Want a change of pace this Halloween? Why not consider a Halloween Run? This year the Halloween Run is open to anyone who wants to take part and is going to prove to be one of the most enjoyable experiences yet.

A Halloween run is a perfect way to improve your health this holiday, rather than succumbing to the sugar high that most people experience after eating a few too many Halloween inspired treats.

Kids are also welcome to this Halloween run, so they can participate in the run before heading out to do their trick or treating. ( you can add a extra medal for them in the package!)It’ll help them burn off some of that extra energy that they’ll later be taking in with their favorite treats.


As an adult, you may have found that the spirit of Halloween has died down quite a bit since you were a kid but by taking part in this run, you’ll bring your spirit back up.

The Halloween Run is a relatively easy and manageable distance for just about anyone who is starting out in the sport of running, so it’s not something that you are going to have train for weeks to complete. This means that the entry point is quite low and no matter where you are in your current running routine, you can take part, have some fun, and meet some like-minded others. You may even meet some new friends who will then become a part of your larger running circle. This circle is just what you need to help you stay committed.

If you are just getting back into running after some extended time off over the summer holidays, it’s also a great way to kick-off your training regime moving into the winter season.

By signing up for our Halloween run, you’ll get your very own fun Halloween race gear that you can then sport as you go about your race. Let everyone else know that you are making the healthy choice this Halloween season. Sign up for your Halloween race today and get planning – it’s coming quickly!



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