Running Medal Display – Race Day Gift Ideas

Do you have a runner in your life you’re shopping for? There’s no gift like a running medal display. These display’s are an excellent way for the runner in your life to showcase their running accomplishments and will surely give them a powerful dose of motivation any time they look at it.

Running medal displays can be hung anywhere in the house, be it their bedroom, bathroom, in the entrance, or anywhere else they want to hang all of their race day medals.

What should you look for in a race medal display? If you are on the hunt for Christmas gifts for runners, a race medal display is a perfect option.

Running medal display

Here is what to consider.


Does the runner you’re shopping for have a particular favorite color? If so, get their race medal display in that color. We have so many options to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect item.

Number Of Hooks

You’ll also want to consider just how avid of a runner they are. When shopping for Christmas gifts for runners, you need to ensure that whatever it is you buy, it’s something they can use time and time again.

For the avid runner, getting a larger race medal display showcase will be a smarter move. For someone who’s more of a weekend runner and who enters the odd race here and there, a smaller race medal display will be the wiser choice.


Finally, also consider the design you choose. We have plenty of different customizable options for our race medal displays, so you can find the perfect gift for the runner in your life.

You can choose to either go with one of our pre-made displays, or if you happen to have text that you want to put on the display, pick up our customizable option that allows you to use any text you desire.

Custom running medal display

So there you have the in’s and out’s of race medal display options for the runner in your life. These really do make the perfect Christmas gifts for runners so give one some serious thought and consideration.


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