The Benefits Of A Phone Arm Wrist Band

If you’re like many runners, you need your music. From the moment your feet hit the pavement until the moment you stop, you have your favorite tunes carrying you along.

But yet, sporting along your iPhone in your pocket or worse yet, your hand, proves to be quite the problem. Put it in your pocket and you’re left feeling it bounce up and down with each step you take. On the other hand, put it in your hand and you’ll now have an unbalanced amount of weight in each arm, which can really throw off proper running form.

The solution?


A phone arm wrist band. Here’s what you stand to gain when you pick up one of these.

 Carry More Than Just Your Phone

First, remember that a phone arm wrist band will do more than just carry your phone – you can also use it to carry cards, keys, as well as identification. Heading out for a long run? No problem. Stash your running gels in this as well and you’ll stay fueled the entire time you’re out.

Will Keep Bouncing At Bay

Another nice thing about the phone arm band is that it’ll keep bouncing at bay. Meaning, you’ll no longer have to deal with that phone moving about as you go about your run. As any runner knows, dealing with that can be quite the annoying process.

Keep things secure with a phone arm band running sleeve.

No Straps To Deal With

The great thing about our phone arm wrist bands is that there are also no straps to have to deal with. The material is stretchy so you can just pull it on over your arm and you’re ready to go.

This makes it a breeze to use and a pleasure to have with you on every run you do.

Keeps Your Music At Arms Reach

Finally, to change your music selection, all you need to do is reach over with your other arm. This is much easier than fumbling to get your phone out of your pocket and trying to change the station while going about your run.

So consider picking up a running arm wrist band. Buy for yourself or buy it for the runner in your life. It makes a great runners gift option.


For those who are only looking for a arm wrist to swept the sweat away from their forhead here have a look at these.



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