Karate & Taekwondo Belt Medal Display

Belts, Medals, ribbons, and trophies are something to be so satisfied off…but consistently twist up piled up in a closet or shoebox. Sooner or later concealed toward the side of a storeroom. Why? Essentially because the athlete does not have a crucial accessory to organize and showcase them. Use this superb karate or taekwondo awards holder to demonstrate each one of your distinctions from tournaments and competitions!

karate belt award ribbon holder hanger display rack


We offer each one of our belt hangers in 12 one of a kind shades of colors and 9 sizes to ensure a perfect match with your inner taste. We offer 3 unmistakable shades of blues, 3 extraordinary shades of grays and some special shading like orange, yellow, lilac and that is only the start. Our sizes change from 16 inches (smallest size) wide to 32 inches wide (immense size). Our martial art medal holders can show numerous ribbon awards either with the strings or particularly in the little metal ring. In like manner, no under 3 medals on each hook. Esthetically 1 belt per hook is advised.  Our wording setup are furthermore stunning in vogue and impeccable. It’s an undeniable necessity have for everyone who does Karate, Taekwondo or Judo.

taekwondo belt ribbon medal award holder hanger rack display


A bit of our features are:

• All made of strong reused source MDF wood

• Painted with eco-pleasing water-based paint

• 2 choices of finish in either solid paint or sanded edges for a distressed look

• High-quality vinyl lettering

• Sealed with eco-pleasing mat satin varnish

• All hooks included anyway not installed

• Key opening slide on the back for basic hanging

• Mechanically offsetting coordinated edges for a frame like look

• Model with IKEA picture frame will show a photo of your choice in size 5 x 7

martial art judo karate teakwondo hanger holder rack display belt ribbon


Our martial arts belt organizer and display racks are truly the best gifts ever for all who practice Judo, Taekwondo, and Karate! Everyone is talking about them… Friends of buddies needs their own. Many are coming back to buy for their friends and family too. Join the example. Rise at birthday festivities by giving the present that will be most talked about…

Voted top 10 Christmas present for quite a while in progression by the teenagers on Facebook and Instagram. Take a look at us on our social media to see posts from our fans showing THEIR OWN medals holder. tag us to get seen…

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