Confidence is the outcome of running!

Running And Confidence

Running definitely helps build confidence. But what is the nature of this confidence? Is it a confidence based on aggression and a feeling of superiority or is it something deeper, richer and more rewarding?

confidenceTo fully understand the gift of confidence that running brings, we have to go back in time to the original function of running in the human community.

There is evidence that some early humans practiced what is known as persistence hunting. In a persistence hunt, runners would pursue prey over a period of hours and then make a kill.

The human capacity for endurance aided profoundly by our ability to sweat and thus cool our bodies made it possible for us to overtake prey that had no such ability. Such prey could be run to exhaustion, captured and killed.

So early runners were the hunters for their tribal groups. They provided the food for their families and communities. Imagine the great feeling that must have given them! Imagine the surge of confidence and great sense of accomplishment they must have felt when they brought food back to their loved ones.

Yes, there are chemical changes in the body when we run, brain chemicals like endorphins are released and those contribute to our feeling of wellbeing during and after a run. But there is something more profound at work when we run, something as old as the human species itself.

When we run we connect ourselves to those ancient hunters. Somewhere in our bodies and our spirits we remember what it was to push ourselves beyond our limits for the greater good of all. And that feels amazing.

Maybe that’s why so many runners and races now aim to raise money for charitable causes. It might be our modern way of providing some bit of sustenance to others through our efforts.

Running connects us with our True Self. It connects us with our ancient Will, the Will that turns us all into peaceful warriors. It gives us the confidence to do battle against pain and doubt and fear and our own limits and lifts our spirits for the battles to come.

Run on!


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14 Comments Add yours

  1. Julie Wood says:

    My confidence has definitely grown since I started running. I feel like I can do anything sometimes!


  2. Kelley says:

    Running brought my confidence back. Post divorce from a man who destroyed my self esteem, running taught me that I can do anything.


  3. Nicole says:

    Since I have started running, I have way more faith in confidence in myself. I am learning to trust my training and my own self in my abilities!


  4. LorriAnne says:

    Running definitely boosts my confidence!


  5. Jen says:

    OH for sure!!!!


  6. Ashley S. says:

    Sure did! Every time I hit a new distance I realized nothing is impossible if you train for it!!


  7. Absolutely. I was once very obese, and in losing enough weight to be able to run again, I hadnt lost the fat image of myself in my mind. I was very, very self conscious when I started running and was afraid to even wear a pair of shorts, much less a tanktop or sleeveless singlet. Now that I have been running regularly, my self confidence has grown so much that I now try to be an inspiration to those who are where I was before, obese and afraid to get off the couch.


  8. My confidence as a runner has totally grown. I know now I can do whatever it is with hard work and commitment.


  9. Absolutely! I found my inner athlete!


  10. debbie dapkus says:



  11. Jessica Bruns says:

    Love your site! Just found it!


  12. Jeanette Hooker says:

    yes running has boosted my confidence!


  13. Megan Brigger says:

    The sense of accomplishement I feel after I complete a new distance gives me confidence.


  14. Laura says:

    My confidence has definitely grown since I started running. I am now more sure of myself and my ability to do things in all areas of my life, not just running!


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